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Auto Injury Specialists of Florida

Auto Accident Injury Care located in Orlando, FL

Dr. Christopher Walker and his medical team believe in treating the entire patient, not just the symptoms related to their injuries. Dr. Walker has over 25 years of experience, specializing in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery. At Auto Injury Specialist of Florida, we bring Dr. Walker’s expertise and compassion to better serve and treat injuries that can sometimes go unnoticed and untreated in auto accidents, such as:

Female Injury

  • Trauma to the pelvic region:

    Pain near the internal organs or the pelvis can be a sign of very serious injury, particularly when it occurs after a recent slip and fall or car accident and is associated with feelings of bladder pressure, frequent urination, bowel movement changes, or painful intercourse. These symptoms are often thought of as being related to a urinary infection or other minor issues but can also be indicative of severe damage to the pelvic floor.

    Your seat belt can cause pelvic injuries as it tries to keep you in place. The force from the collision can also cause bruising and even pelvic fractures.

  • Trauma to the Breast are commonly caused by:

      • Airbag inflation
      • Force of impact or seat belt tightening
      • Direct trauma to the chest area

  • Breast Implant Displacement:

    Another possible injury after a vehicle accident is implant displacement, where the breast pocket breaking through the fiber capsule that surrounds it and shifting out of the pocket.

  • Different types of displacement:

      • Lateral displacement. This occurs when the implants shift outwards towards the armpit.
      • Bottoming out. This is where your implants shift far downward. A sign of this is the position of your nipple shifting, sitting to far up on the breast mound.
      • High riding. The opposite of bottoming out.
      • Symmastia. Also called kissing implants, this is where both of your breasts shifted inwards, towards each other.

  • Ruptured Breast Implants:

    Silicone filled breast implant ruptures are sometimes hard to detect. The rupture can be “silent”. This means you do have any symptoms, this usually means the silicone gel is contained within the collagen fiber capsule that formed around the breast implant. At Auto Injury Specialist of Florida we can detect these injuries through ultrasound imaging, provided on site. The following are symptoms related to breast injuries:

      • Lump forms in the breast, chest, arm or abdomen
      • Uneven appearance of the breast
      • Decreased breast size
      • Hard Knots
      • Pain or tenderness
      • Swelling
      • Numbness
      • Burning


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