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Auto Injury Specialists of Florida

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Often, just the shock of an auto accident can mask injuries that could cause trouble in the long run if not treated immediately. At Auto Injury Specialists of Florida in Orlando, Florida, Dr. Christopher Walker and his expert medical team provide thorough post-accident medical exams to identify and treat injuries before they worsen. If you need an emergency medical evaluation, call or book online.

Emergency Medical Exams Q & A

  • When do I need an emergency medical exam?

    If you’ve been in an accident, the shock can often hide injuries that can rear their heads later on. Injuries can often develop several hours, or even days, later.

    If you’ve been in an auto accident or suffered any kind of physical trauma, the experts at Auto Injury Specialists of Florida are equipped to provide a thorough examination to ensure that your injuries are treated quickly and effectively.

  • What can I expect during an emergency medical exam?

    Dr. Walker’s medical team performs a thorough examination of each of your most important body systems. This includes a visual, auditory, and tactile inspection of your head, heart, lungs, and belly. Your doctor may also use X-ray or ultrasound imaging to identify any hidden injuries, if any are suspected.

  • What problems can be identified during an emergency medical exam?

    When Dr. Walker and his team examine you, they are looking for any signs of injury that might require emergency treatment. This includes any injury that could be life-threatening or cause the loss of a limb or body function if left untreated.

    These conditions include :

      • A collapsed or bruised lung
      • Internal bleeding
      • Head injury

    Auto Injury Specialists of Florida understands that there are times when injuries require more than one expert medical team. If needed, they work closely with a hand-selected group of medical professionals to provide the highest quality of care necessary for treatment of critical injuries.

  • What treatments may be offered during an emergency medical exam?

    Dr. Walker and his team identify and provide a personal plan of care for injuries typically seen in car accidents. They specialize in the treatment of neck and back injuries, and provide expert care in the areas of:

      • Whiplash treatment
      • Low back pain
      • Herniated discs
      • Chiropractic care
      • Nerve conduction studies

    Identification and timely treatment of these conditions is important for your long-term recovery. If you’ve been in a car accident, call Auto Injury Specialists of Florida or book an appointment online.


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